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I have waited around on weekends and many special 

occasions for 20 years for my husband to get home from Golf. 

I raised a set of twins by myself and I have gone through every 

emotional stage there is of living the 

Golf Wife Life. 

The twins' terrible 2's arrived fast and the furious 3's were much worse! Potty training twins was enough to make the calmest Mom crazed! 

It was not until they were fully "house broken," when I realized 

my husband had NEVER changed a single diaper and 

I had changed over 10,000! He worked all week and 


I love my husband (most of the time,) but it would have been nice after

 floundering around all day, counting hours of golf rounds against my fingers, if he would have arrived home with a little something for me. Maybe after one of those Monday tournaments, instead of bringing home another autographed hockey stick, or hanging around the 19th hole too long he could have surprised me with a token of APPRECIATION. 

Perhaps a "One Too Many Rounds Gift"

or even a "Winner winner... but late for dinner" tee shirt.  

I created this company out of love and respect for the

Golf Wife who does it ALL, while the men hit the ball! 

It is by design that GWL brings a sense of community,

 laughter, joy, thanks and acknowledgement 

to the Weekend Warrior Golf Widow 

living the Golf Wife Life.

 The GWL Crystal Pro Shop offers beautiful classic 

Sterling and Sparkly Jewelry.

  The GWL Fun Pro Shop is a line of pastel 

happy housewares, apparel and accessories. 

GWL Plaid Nation offers housewares, apparel and accessories 

for the people who are mad for plaid.

And don't forget the "TEE" Pro Shop!! 

Tee shirts with quotes of every one liner you have 

heard or said under your breath a 

million times as a true Golf Wife.


Make a wish list.

Customize your own gift set. 

Join the GWL Club.




Running a Fire Protection Company for 18 years 

has been super rewarding, but owning a bright, cheery, 

light-hearted, fun based company is actually where I belong. 

Bringing women together who have a similar lifestyle is a pleasure. 

'Golf Wife Life' is a camaraderie-brand for women 

who live with men, who are married to golf.

GWL brings people a laugh or two. 

It is a dream I've had for 20 years, now a reality." 

As for the retail world... how many women wonder around in golf shops,

 while their husbands are in golf heaven, 

looking for something... anything to buy for themselves? There is never anything.

There are approximately 40 million male Golfers worldwide...

So how many Golf Wives are there, 20-30 million!?!

Finally our own Brand !! 

Welcome to the Club !!"

~ Kara Magoni

Peace and Serenity for all.

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